The Butterfly Effect

Our vision is to inspire leaders to think in new ways, using a radical new organisational design and skill set.

A new way of thinking and acting is required to enable our full potential.  We have therefore adapted Montesquieu’s thesis on the Separation of Powers to 21st Century needs.

In the 18th Century Montesquieu divided power among three entities – the executive, legislative, and judicial.  This rights-based model underpins the structure of the vast majority of Western governments and organisations.  Montesquieu’s way of thinking brought many benefits, but has also reinforced the win/lose mindset, bureaucratic systems which stifle innovation and an approach to competitiveness based on being fastest, best and cheapest.  This has had unfortunate consequences for employees, wider society and the environment.  Montesquieu’s mindset does not enable exploration of holistic solutions that take care of wider needs and interests.  The Butterfly Effect is a model that connects context and content in a way that rights-based systems cannot easily achieve.


The Butterfly Effect replaces rights with interests

• Instead of the legislative power – upper management – we have created Servant Leadership

• Instead of the executive power – middle management – we have created Personal Leadership

• Instead of the judicial power – the controller – we have created Facilitator