The Butterfly Effect

A FAIR future
Modern leadership requires holistic thinking and demands new forms of organisation, built on collaboration, trust and responsibility. The leadership challenge is to show the way for the rest of the organisation.

The Butterfly Effect is a strategic model that enables leaders of the future to work systematically with these themes. The Butterfly Effect is the beat of the wings that  gives organisations’ a quantum competitive leap to become successful, environmentally responsible and sustainable.

The trend of organisations increasingly cooperating as partners requires durable long-term relationships. Your organisation’s success depends on the quality of its relationships. It is no longer sufficient to look inward; we have to open up to new forms of organization, which create the best conditions for both people and the environment to flourish.

At Davos, the World Economic Forum has focussed on the challenges presented by the financial crisis and climate change, under the headline “The Power of Collaborative Innovation”. We are currently growing more aware of our interdependence with our wider systems, and we therefore seek new ways to make capitalism more fit for purpose.  Bill Gates coined the term “Creative Capitalism” to define this movement.  A new, holistic way of thinking is on the horizon. Increasingly, organizations are realizing that when the world around them is in trouble, so are they. Consumers and other stakeholders are demanding responsibility from companies.