Facilitators Butterfly Effect

Tina Monberg is a lawyer and qualified psychotherapist. Tina_MonbergTina was educated as a mediator by Professor Frank E. A. Sander of  Harvard Law School and in win-win negotiation by Professor Robert H. Mnookin of Harvard Law School. She has previously run her own law firm and worked as a corporate lawyer, but now functions as a mediator, coach and teacher. She specializes in creating interest-based relationships in business and new forms of management.  Tina Monberg is author of several books published on the on interest-based relationships.   She has worked with leaders in organisations such as Novozymes, NCC, NOVO, LEO Pharma, Save the Children. Tina has written several management books on interest-based relationships.  She has also contributed to Management articles on new forms of management, including the Danish Institute for Future’s magazine: Future Orientation.

Liz Rivers is  a coach, mediator and trainer.
A pioneer of  mediation in the UK, she worked as a commercial lawyer for over a decade before setting up her own business.  She has worked with leaders in organisations such as Amnesty International, HM Revenue & Customs, Grant Thornton LLP, Royal Bank of Scotland and Chickenshed Theatre Company.  Liz is also an activist in the global Wild Law movement, a network dedicated to transforming humanity’s relationship with the planet through innovative approaches to governance. She holds a postgraduate certificate in humanistic psychology and is a graduate of Bee School, a year long training in 21st century leadership skills, led by Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr Scilla Elworthy.

Gitte_larsenGitte Larsen is a futurist, author and editor. Reality dreamer. Married, two girls, and has a Masters in Political Science. Worked 13 years at Copenhagen institute for Futures Studies (1996-2009), the last seven as Editor-in-chief of the award-winning magazine FO/futureorientation. Author and co-author of three books, and consultant on several others. Likes to do talks, and loves writing, editing and working on big interdisciplinary projects. Was Project Manager of “In 100 Years – starting now” supported by The VELUX FOUNDATION.


Michael_MoellmannMichael Møllmann is a civil engineer from DTU and has
an MBA from SIMI. Michael is Corporate Vice President at Novo Nordisk. He has more than 10 years of management and leadership experience in the pharmaceutical industry in areas such as R & D, production and quality. Michael works in practice with the three core elements from Butterfly Effect in the form of Servant Leadership, Personal Leadership and Facilitator. Michael will share his experiences and explain his vision of being an exceptional Servant Leader for the process to be headed at the time when his team grows and evolves.

Orla_ZinckOle Zinck is Vice President of Human Resources in
Cheminova group and trained Cand.Scient. Adm from Aalborg University. Ole’s credentials also include training within NLP and mediation and a number of continuing educations, including from IMD, INSEAD and MCE. Ole was co-author of Cheminova’s first mission and values in 2000 and is currently a member of Cheminova’s CSR Commit. He has participated in drafting companies’ business principles (CSR policies), the establishment of the company whistleblower function and a series of personnel policies – including policies for conflict management. Ole will explain his way of bringing a company engaged in plant protection products – chemicals – in balance and sustainability with the world.

Lars_Steen_LarsenLars Steen Larsen, has an MA. religion in history and
doctorate at Lund University. Lars is a qualified teacher, master degree in religious history and fil.dr (PhD).Previously, he was both a rock and jazz musician, but put retired the drumsticks in 1994. In 1986 Lars created the computer company Cosmic Mirror and has helped to develop many programs, including mathematical programs. Lars will present on the philosophical background of the Butterfly Effect.

Pia_justesenPia Justesen is a lawyer with a PhD from Copenhagen.
Pia is the owner of law firm Just Advice, based in the principles of sustainability and respect for international human rights being reconciled with good business for individual companies. Pias core competencies are social responsibility and CSR, human rights, anti-discrimination and human law. Pia has previously worked as a lawyer at Bech-Bruun Law Firm and a member of the Complaints Committee for Ethnic Equal Treatment. Pia has also been a researcher at Yale Law School in USA, on the Copenhagen and Aarhus University and at the Danish Institute for Human Rights. Pia is the author of numerous books and articles on human rights and community responsibility.

Jamie-George-Jamie George has organised tours for such groups as the Omega Institute – Jon Kabat-Zinn – in USA and other major organisations. He played a major part in the inspiration for the late Marion Zimmer Bradley to write her best selling novel The Mists of Avalon which is set in Glastonbury. He has appeared on many television programmes – including, most recently, The Quest For the Holy Grail – Pioneer productions.