Serve to Profit: Butterfly Leadership

Tina Monberg

“This book challenges you as a leader and directs your course within an uncertain future. The book takes you up in a hot air balloon giving you the overview of what lies within our grasp. Once we know where we stand, it is then easier to act and discover new ways forward; new opportunities for more life and more meaning. We must rediscover the whole now lacking within in the current system devised from details and silo-thinking. The more that companies function like the natural world, then the more resilient they, and also we, become.

This book reveals the three core design parame­ters which give shape to nature, namely flow, flexibility and form. These show us a model for self-organisation which can teach volumes to a company’s mission, structure and success. This model results in growth, integration and sus­tainability; three fundamental qualities for setting a com­pany free and for granting a new ability to navigate.

You will be presented with companies that man­age to serve the whole whilst creating profit. Companies that dare to trash budgets and control. Companies that don’t have size as a goal, but maneuverability. Companies that dare to grant their employees free rein, and where decentralisation is a goal in itself. Companies that define their success relative to the good function of the society in which they operate. Companies that have already recog­nised they will not reach success in rigid silos.

Let us break the silos down and instead create a new company and leadership model, where growth and sustainability are no longer at loggerheads but coupled together as an integrated movement. The Butterfly model is based on a three-fold structure for collaboration and leadership: servant leadership, facilitation and personal leadership. We need leaders to create the framework and employees to create the content. We need organisation and collaboration to be considered as an ongoing process which is constantly directed towards creating sustainable growth.”



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